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Commitment: The patented parts of the waste oil filter series are free of human damage for life-long damage.
We will respond immediately to the quality of the vacuum filter as reflected by the customer and respond within two hours.
The reclaimed oil has not reached the contractual commitment standard, and the distilled oil filter series products are returned unconditionally.
Implement regular customer return visit service and collect valuable customer opinions. Fangsheng oil filter machine manufacturers take the initiative to comprehensively solve various problems.

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Chongqing Fangsheng Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.(Tel: 18908386993) is a professional oil filter manufacturer. It provides vacuum oil filters, hydraulic oil filters, decolorized oil purification machines, non-standard oil purifiers, filter equipment, distillation equipment, etc.. Filter research, design, manufacturing and sales integration services-complete equipment, Proficient in technology, provide professional oil purification solutions. There are more than 80 employees, more than 10 senior technicians, and 5 senior engineers. h Innovation Invention Award for many times、...

  • R & D team

    R & D team

    Covers an area of more than 11000 square meters
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    A city distributed in the market

    More than 80 employees in the company
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    Patent for invention

    Have more than 40 patents on innovation and invention

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